Questions and Concerns of: Ayahuasca Question 1

Alongside Kambo, people who come through our doors also often hold questions and such regarding Ayahuasca. Even with as much preparation and research they may have done, questions still find themselves. So in a effort to help those mend up some lingering questions or to those wondering where exactly to start their search, I have decided to dedicate some of these blogs as an effort to help people when it comes to their research, self discovery, and decision on if this is truly for them. After all, while what all is out there is useful, a lot of it can often intimidate those or create a false idea of what is suppose to be.

What is Ayahuasca: For many folks out there when they hear Ayahuasca, it is commonly assumed that the B. Caapi vine is Ayahuasca. And while B. Caapi is the main ingredient in Ayahuasca, it isn't the only one should an individual wish to experience the power and healing of it all. Really, when one says Ayahuasca, they still haven't said anything. Similar to the word car or sandwich, it is a catch-all terms for something that can be made a plethora of ways. And thus, when one tries Ayahuasca, those who can go from place to place often find a difference in the brews at each location.

Even when it comes to the plant materials used, much like cars, these too vary from place to place. Ayahuasca from South America isn't like ours, nor is Ayahuasca in South America the same. From Columbia to Peru to Chile and so forth, each shaman given his location may have a way of created the sacred brew. Plus with the added belief that this substance is meant to make you vomit or defecate yourself as part to what all has surfaced on Ayahuasca, some places may add even more things to their brew due to the belief that part of this experience is such a reaction but refuse to say anything.

However, asides from the possible tainting of the brew that some pull, the brew shamans commonly make involve a mix of B. Caapi and some other plant in order to create a brew capable of sending people onto a journey. And around the world, the extra mixture to complete the brew varies much like the name for Ayahuasca. Various admixtures include P. Viridis, Ayahuma, and many other plants that vary from region to region. This in essence brings an end to part 1. Stay tuned for part two of questions and answers on Ayahuasca.

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