Can Ayahuasca Cure Alcoholism?

When it comes to problems in our country, it is often that the problem with opioids often find the spotlight. We often like to point our fingers at the mass wave of illegal substances that people seek when their original source for such has been removed from their hands. However, we often fail to address some of the problems we have that a legal to obtain and deemed a "safe" way to enjoy one's self. And in most cases, so long as the user isn't over doing things, they will not suffer much. But what happens when this legal substance begins to cause havoc and suffering in one's life?

Alcohol is often the substance of choice for people to relax and unwind around the world. Unfortunately, 20 million people in the United States alone find themselves struggling with this drink, whether it be how it impacts their daily life and home life, their body, or other things finding themselves in ruins when the individual becomes intoxicated enough. Parts of the brain that find themselves under attack are similar to those suffering addiction, but with a different twist and a few new areas that find themselves stressed. The cerebral cortex is changed and the brain begins to no longer resist the urge to drink. The amygdala stores certain memories with positive or negative feelings, both of which make a person drink either from habit or due to withdraw. In the hippocampus, the brain finds itself unable to handle stress due to the use diminishing it's ability to handle stress.

So how does Ayahuasca come to the rescue? In the brain, Ayahuasca can manage the release of chemicals from the amygdala when coming under certain memories much similar to those who suffer from PTSD. In the Hippocampus, the receptors responsible for stress become re-hardwired and set up to where signals are no longer misfiring. The cerebral cortex undergoes what is similar to Psychedelic therapy in which the desire to drink due triggers are reduced. In short, the brain becomes no longer set off by triggers such as a haunting memory or a feeling.

When it comes to any form of addiction, it should be a human right that we as a people should have an option to change. That as long as the individual is willing to push forward, they are able to repair themselves. And who knows what person lies beneath once cleared of the need to drink. It is a win-win for everyone who is in the person's life.

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