Diabetes: How Could Ayahuasca Help?

It's no surprise that when it comes to ayahuasca, it is no surprise or mystery that this brew can do a number of miracles for those with ailments that torment the mind. However, not only does it hold properties that do wonders for the mind, it too has properties to help mend the body too. Examples of this can be seen in many cases. Today's case and point is one of which haunts a lot of places such as America.

Diabetes is a disease in which the body lacks beta cells. These cells are responsible for the creation of insulin in the body and the type of diabetes affects how much beta cells are within the body. People with a case of type 1 have 99% of their beta cells missing. Those with type 2 have roughly 50-60% of beta cells absent in them. Both cases result in the body unable to produce enough insulin and result in the need of alternative means of delivery.

Does this mean Ayahuasca produces insulin? Actually, no. If that where the case, then this would be a means of treatment, not a means to attempt a cure. Ayahuasca produces what is known as harmine. This chemical compound promotes beta cell growth and restores blood levels to normal. However, this alone isn't the answer. Even with promoted growth, the damage is still there so it alone cannon be the answer.

So while this alone isn't the cure, there are some ways in which it can be crafted for such down the road. However, for the time being, it could be mixed with something to help keep one's immune system in check to ward it off for a while. Given the potential, this could eventually one day be engineered to cure up diabetes. Maybe even help cure it in animals too, for some animals can also suffer the disease.

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