Howlite: The Soothing Stone

Being commonly mined in the United States and South Africa, Howlite is a more recently discovered stone in comparison to it's older and more historically used brethren. However, this doesn't discredit some of the special properties attributed to this stone by those who have come into contact with it in their lives. Discovered in Nova Scotia in 1868, it was once a nuisance to the miners digging for other stones. To the modern world, it is now a common decoration stone in some jewelry and inexpensive due to it's commonness. However, the power that exists within this stone is good for a number of things one may deal with when it comes to daily life.

Known as the Soothing Stone to some, this stone is known for it's ability to calm one's mind. It is also said that the wearer of this stone is able to maintain their anger and the anger of others by absorbing the strong emotion and dispelling it into calmness and clearness. For those who also seek mental clarity or a stronger way to be in tune with a higher power, this stone is said to help assist with such. It is also said to help those who have an overactive mind find the ability to rest, helping those who suffer from Insomnia. Other properties attributed to this stone include helping one process and express their emotions more openly, deter selfishness, stress, and anxiety.

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