Kambo: Questions and Concerns Part 2

Is Kambo hallucinogenic?: No, it is not. Nor does administering it any other fashion lead to such. Another plus as well is it does not fall under any drug category so a standard drug test for work won't pick such up. When it comes to Kambo, the most a person can experience is a slight tension of the muscles or the heating up of the core temperature. Asides from that, not much else really occurs in the physical aspects and the person can do whatever they want once it is all done.

How does one going about preparing for Kambo?: In order to prepare for Kambo, one must take a few steps into consideration. For starters, deciding where you want to put the mark is key if your job is one of which markings of any kind is frowned upon. Food shouldn't be eaten a few hours in advance, for the venom can cause your stomach to empty. A couple bottles of water is good too, for like Ayahuasca, the venom can cause one to experience some minor dehydration. The area of which the burn is being applied should be sanitized.

Is the frog harmed in the process?: Fortunately, the frog is not harmed during the process of harvesting the venom. How they harvest such involves having the frog spread out by each limb. Next, they begin to rub this frog's hind legs. This causes the venom to secrete for which the harvesters rub it up with the stick. It is then set out to sundry and the frog is released back into the wild.

How much is too much?: Like Ayahuasca, this is a very individual specific in terms of threshold. Starting off though, three points is the max advised for a start, but after something you and you along can gauge. And what make take you a high number of points may take a low number of points for someone else and vise versa. Also like Ayahuasca, some individuals may be highly sensitive to the venom. It is advised not to do alone when first starting out until you know for certain how you will react. Unlike Ayahuasca, this can be stopped by wiping off the medicine.

Stay tuned for Part 3 of our questions and concerns regarding Kambo.

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