Kambo: Questions and Concerns Part 1

When it comes to Kambo, those who are often able to find anything over how it is all done is often scared by how the people of South America tend to administer such a medicine. From the application to how much is used, while normal for their cultural upbringing, often discouraged those from doing Kambo when brought to the eyes of people who haven't even heard of it's existence up until this point. So in light of those who have been terrified by it's portrayal and those who never even heard of this handy frog venom, I am dedicating a few blogs going over some of the questions people generally have. This will be broken down into a number of separate parts as an effort to help those who stumble upon it not be so discouraged. This is also an effort to help bring awareness to such a powerful tool that is able to help change us for the better.

Does it make you purge?: So to start things off, a common question we find in those who haven't heard of it ask if it's like Ayahuasca with it's purgative property? And for those who have done a little research and digging, it is often asked if it is needed to be done to that point? To put it simply: Yes, Kambo can make an individual purge. Like Ayahuasca, some people may get sick and vomit, however, most do not reach that level. In the videos shown of people in South America, it is common place to see so much applied that the individual is either emptying their stomach and liver via vomiting or defecation. At most, those who do Kambo as we have shown them may get the runs since it clears your entire system of toxins and whatever is lining and leaching to your insides. As a result, it's gotta go somewhere, so the individual may have the runs for a few days at most.

How is it applied: If you are someone who is unfamiliar with the medicine, chances are you may not know how to apply it safely. In order to apply such, one has to inflict burns into the skin and pop the bubble that welts up in order to get the medicine to apply. For those who have done the research, our methods of applying such isn't as extreme as what is shown. Rather, burns are applied with a vine that is no wider than an eraser tip (bamboo skewers, incense sticks without the coating, and other similar items will work too) as opposed to the large vines and branches shown by the tribesmen. They do it because it is part of how they have been taught and where they live is harsher than our first world environment. There isn't a specific area to apply the burns, but keep in mind about how those in your daily life and work may react to such if considering.

How much is applied: To those who have seen the videos, another common thing that often scares the people from doing kambo is how much is applied. In what can be found, it is often that the burns and such are being packed and packed with the kambo. And in turn, do to so much being applied, those in the video often hit the ground in tremors or have a reaction that terrify someone unfamiliar with what all it can do. Generally, when applying the medicine, we only use enough to cover the burn area. The number of points and such depends on the user's choice, but given the individual doesn't attempt a mass number while being new to the medicine, fainting is rare especially in small dosages as such but there are those who may due to having a high sensitivity to the medicine. But generally, most people just feel the usual sensation when it is applied (stinging, swelling, etc.)

For more info, stay tuned for Part 2 will be up soon.

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