Cancer: What Can Kambo Do?

The six letter word that nobody in their life wants to hear. Yet, that is the words many people world wide have to come to terms with. And even with Chemotherapy, there is only so much one can do in terms of trying to fight off such a disease. Even with every preventative measure taken, this creature can appear from even the darkest corners of our genetics and from thing we come into contact with day to day. However, not all hope is lost. While Kambo itself may not stop the disease, it can however aid the person fighting in a number of ways that isn't as taxing on the body and could potentially help people survive in higher numbers against this monster.

But in order to stop such a disease, we must first understand what is. Now, cancer itself is a disease in which abnormal cells occur for whatever reason and begin to replicate. As it continues, the area of muscle tissues affected become more and more damaged and the person slowly succumb to the disease due to a number of reasons depending on the type. In some cases such as light cases of Skin Cancer or certain tumors, some can simply be cut out of the body and the person can go on with their day as if nothing was wrong once they properly heal. However, in some instances, going under the knife is such a risky outcome that would most likely leave the individual dead or the mass is too much to clear up and have to resort to equally risky options such as Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, and other tactics that leave a person feeling miserable and rather uncomfortable during said process.

So how does Kambo exactly help? Well, within Kambo exists a multitude of peptides that do a number of things for the body. However, peptides Dermaseptin B2 and B3 are the major ones of focus when it comes to cancer simply because of their ability to cease and inhibit tumorous growths of both existing and soon to come. Mixed in with their ability to also prevent and reduce inflammation in the body and to invigorate the immune system. Plus, it's anti-inflammatory properties are good for reducing swelling and the base of most diseases: inflammation.

In short, while there still isn't a cure for cancer yet, I've found that this is possibly the best tool yet in the assistance of prevention and reduction of cancer. The South American tribes who use this have no history of cancer like we do everywhere else in the world. Not to mention, this isn't to say that our current medical advancements aren't useful for they have their place or that one should stop their treatments by any means, rather, this is something that can possibly be used along side such as a less taxing form of treatment nor as time consuming as other treatments. Plus, unlike a lot of other option, Kambo is something one can do in the privacy of their home should the thought of moving about to seek help be more than one's wallet can handle. Regardless, this should be a viable option for those who are seeking help and are able to take Kambo safely.

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