CVD: How Kambo Could Help?

Getting older is just a fact of life that we as humans cannot get around no matter what the precautions we take. It's just a fact of the matter that everything and everyone ages regardless of it being living or not. With that being said, however, how you reach and enjoy the later years of your life can all be dictated by what you do throughout your life up until that point. And depending on where you live can greatly impact those later years. Being from America, however, a common complication due to our rather poor habits in exercise, eating, and many more factors gives rise to a common affliction in many known as Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) or Heart Disease.

CVD is disease that is common in older adults, but those who are young and have it generally get it due to genetics. It is the biggest killer around the globe with only Africa being a place in which it isn't so rampant. In America alone, 11% of adults between 20 and 40 are affected by it in some shape or form, 37% between 40 and 60, and 71% between 60 and 80 and . Coronary Heart Disease, Rheumatic Heart Disease, and Hypertensive Heart Disease are some of the many versions of heart disease one can acquire if it wasn't caused at birth. Factors that contribute to such include poor diets, lack of exercise, smoking/tobacco products, and alcohol. All of which, given enough time, can either calcify the heart or cause the person to suffer a heart attack or stroke.

With that being said and given the fact that Kambo elevates the heart rate, shouldn't people not do this with CVD? Surprisingly, no. While yes, Kambo itself causes an elevated heart rate, those who have CVD should be in the clear with the exception being if they have a heart condition or a history of dangerously high blood pressure. Rather, Kambo causes all capillaries, veins, and arteries to widen and open up and improve circulation. This helps the peptides within the Kambo reach and travel throughout the body and being a venom, places such as organs are usually main target areas so the ones that exist within the heart are open as appose to some cases of CVD which causes plugging and constriction of such areas. And as a bonus, some the the chemical chains in the peptides act as a muscle relaxer which is what helps make it usable in those with CVD but a check with the doctor prior to see if your heart can handle an increase in it''s rate is still advised no different than those who seek out Ayahuasca.

In essence, much like Ayahuasca, I find that Kambo is something that too can better us. While unlike Ayahuasca in terms of being non-psychoactive, it does however do like Aya and cleanse your physical form as well as tinker and improve it through it's use. Cleansing such as release of bile from the body in the things we intake, improve blood circulation, and a number of other interesting tweaks in one's body. Regardless of being healthy or not, those who often try Kambo rarely regret it. And should it be too much for the individual in terms of it's intensity, it can be wiped off the place of application and the person returns to normal quickly.

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