Obsidian: The Glass of the Beyond

Being a type of volcanic glass, Obsidian has found itself a unique creation and historical use when compared to other shiny and ridged earthen beauties like amethyst or diamonds. For starters, unlike most other earthly creations we use today in jewelry and artistic creations, obsidian is formed from quickly cooled lava. Thus, the creation of such manner isn't a length process when compared to crystals. However, this doesn't make the properties of this stone any less impressive than the gemstones it often competing with. If anything, the properties and uniqueness of this glassy magma creation is rather stunning both in use and in spiritual power.

The the world of old, Obsidian was often regarded as both a tool of the physical and spiritual realm. In terms of physical properties, this glass when fractured often had curves and razor sharp edges. For this, it was common place for obsidian to be use as arrowheads, swords, axes, and other weapons of brutal wound infliction. It also saw place in ceremonial use as a bloodletting dagger or some other tool used in ritualistic situations. As a tool of non-violent means, it was often used as a tool for scrying in Greece, a means of communication to the gods when flatten and polished in Mesoamerican society, and other means of divine communication or foreseeing future events.

Today, obsidian sees a common use in the creation of knives and other cutting tools mainly for show and display purposes. However, being cut by obsidian is a great possibility if handled incorrectly given the sharpness being sharper than that of high grade steel surgery scalpels. This glass can literally cut down to the molecular level where as most metals just tear. Outside of this, jewelry is also common place for obsidian use. Audio turntables also use obsidian in some models for the plinths.

In terms of metaphysical properties, obsidian is the stone commonly used by those seeking insight and self discovery. Although with said insight comes the harsh truths of the reality one exists within, for this stone shows truths one may be facing. In terms of scrying, it is said to show one the root of a problem in their life. Other said properties of the stone include trauma release, overcoming hardships, and confronting problems. It is also said to protect sensitive souls.

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