Childhood Trauma: How Ayahuasca Helps

It is safe to say that we as kids are bound to experience trauma at some point in our growing stages of life. Accidentally walking in on parents during "the act", being scared by a sibling in a clown mask, and many more things that can scare and traumatize a child initially. Things that while horrifying at the time, wasn't enough to leave the individual scarred for life. But with this being an unpredictable world, what happens when a child is brought up in an environment that does everything to them other than help them thrive? What happens when the two adult figures that are suppose to be a child's pillar of safety and protections from the ills of this world become the eye of that storm? To put it simply: even if they weren't brought physical or sexual harm, the damage their mind suffers from this linger.

When it comes to our brain and development of it's faculties, every event an individual experiences alters it. Every dump of serotonin, every rush of adrenaline, every drop of whatever the chemical may be carves and crafts the mind. In the brain of someone who has suffered childhood traumas, their brain suffers decreased frontal lobe activity, an increase sensitivity in the limbic system, and decreased hippocampal volume along with an assortment of other over and under active parts of the brain. Being in an abusive home, a child's limbic system often overrides their prefrontal cortex due to the sense of danger or harm the child perceives leading to lack of proper activity. In the limbic system and amygdala, the type of abuse generally effects the rate of abnormalities occurring but is to be noted that people suffering multiple forms of abuse see as much as a 113% increase in abnormal activities. This area, when perceiving a threat, goes into overdrive but is so desensitized to the stress hormones that the panic and feeling of fear lingers long after due to the amygdala failing to receive the proper shutdown chemicals to this bodily alarm. In the hippocampus of the brain of those who have been abused tend to go on overdrive when even the simplest of jesters is perceived as a threat to them, even if they themselves don't have a visible reaction, their internal systems are reacting.

When someone who has suffered these traumas ingests Ayahuasca, a lot of similarities to other mental afflictions it treats can be seen. Like those who suffer from PTSD, the Amygdala is activated. Some people may go back into those experiences while in their journey, however, they are able to view what had happen not as emotionally numb and reactive, but from a point of objectivity to where they can make peace with the traumas that scarred them and allows their prefrontal cortex to evaluate the situation correctly. The receptors in the brain are essentially rewired and wiped clean of any overloads from previously overproduced chemicals in the mind or picked up as a coping mechanism (ie: drug abuse, prescription medication, alcohol, etc). Furthermore, those who have taken Ayahuasca to deal with trauma such as this often find themselves feeling free of the burden it help upon their shoulders.

Unfortunately, we live in a world in which bad things happen to the most innocent of people. However, no matter the victim or the circumstances, this brew I feel is key to the curing of these things therapy and a slew of medications just doesn't seem to take care of in the people efficiently or effectively. That if anything, this should be a first choice when they are able to return to or enter a life in which they are free of such a toxic and corrosive environment. It doesn't mean that the alternative doesn't work, because there are some who cannot ingest Ayahuasca for medical reasons or otherwise that who wouldn't be able to manage or here without that route, but rather that this way could save more time and heartache for the afflicted and maybe even save those on the edge from going over and sparing more hearts in the process. That rather than simply covering this wound in a cloth of coping mechanisms to numb it, Ayahuasca could be the bandage and cream that allow this wound to cease and no longer make the individual suffer.

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