Addiction: How does Ayahuasca help?

Being somebody from America, not a day goes by that a news article doesn't come up and it revolve around some of the vices some humans have. That someone committed a crime while under the influence of some pills or someone has overdosed on a slew of the newer and deadlier stuff that gets pumped out with each passing day. And in the face of it all, we often talk of the problem but rarely do we provide an efficient or effective solution to the issues. Sure, we have things like rehab and methadone clinics, but even those never tackle the problem head on. Rehab success rates alone are generally a 30% chance of success with people, so are the people who find themselves ensnared in the webs of addiction and wish to escape it trapped for the most part with no chance of escape? Fortunately, there are still options.

In order to attempt to treat addiction, first we must have a basic understanding of how exactly it plays a role in the brain. In the case of someone who is an addict, part of the problem lies in the chemicals their brain lacks to produce when hook on something. For instance, someone that is hook on pain pills lack in their brain the functions to produce certain chemicals to deal and aid with the management of their pain because the pills were originally providing the chemicals. And with the pills providing the relief that they needed for long periods of time, the brain slowly loses the ability to produce what the pills were supplying or even come close to it's former ability to manage or requires more intake because the user's receptors in their brain has adapted to the surge of chemicals flooding it. For others who have an addiction, part of what fuels the frenzy is because of the effect it has on the pleasure center of our brains with the flood of dopamine or the altering of it's cycle and repeated use numbs or flat out destroys these receptors, leaving the individual unable to feel pleasure like they use to. To add onto it, the chemical dependency some people's body feel when repeated use of the drug of choice is removed from them. Sending some of these individuals into full blown aches, sickness, tremors, and other unpleasant effects that follow once their body and brain became dependent.

However, when someone who has been through addiction ingests Ayahuasca, their brain undergoes a change similar to someone suffering from depression. Like a person suffering from depression, their brain becomes rewired. Previous tolerances to even the most simplest things like caffeine and alcohol become erased and is as if they have never touched a substance of any kind. This also causes an increase in the levels of what receptors intake, giving joy and pleasure back to all things that use to bring one fulfillment in daily activities.

Given the current "help" we give people with addiction in America, I find that Ayahuasca may be that key for getting these people out of the chains that bind them. Because much like many others in America, even people seeking to escape their addiction may not always get the proper help that they need. And anyone who is willing to confront the things going on in their life and is fighting for said change the best they can should be able to have access to the tools to help begin their transition into a better version of them. Not to mention the restored bonds that could come for the families if they saw their kin finally get back on the path that allows them to enjoy and have a good life.

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