Jasper: The Supreme Healer

With a name that means "spotted/speckled stone", Jasper has been used all around the ancient and modern times. Tales of this stone and the uses for it can be found all the way back to ancient Greece, Egypt, and other ancient civilizations. For the old world, this stone was noted to be another common stone a shaman would often carry or wear for it's slow and grounded energy and a protector against both living and deceased forces. To those of Dark Age Europe and to the Natives in North America, this stone was believed to bring rain. In Egypt, the Egyptian often engraved things into the stone to provide a safe passage into the afterlife.

In the modern world, Jasper is renowned as a stone for fixing attributes one may lack. For those who aren't as courageous or as direct with their fellow man, this stone creates that sense of empowerment. Along with said empowerment, Jasper is also praised for it's ability to promote love for one's self, quick thinking, and promotes organization. Along with these properties, different colors of Jasper also promotes unique properties to that stone. For instance, Leopard-skin Jasper may cause one to be in touch with their power animal when in a journey, as where Green Jasper helps relieve one's obbessiviness with something in their life.

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