Amethyst: The Stone of Clairvoyance

With a name that literally means not intoxicated, Amethyst is a stone that has seen centuries of use both in modern and ancient man as a means of keeping one grounded. In it's days in Ancient Greece, men would line their cups with Amethyst to ward off intoxication and promote sobriety in the hopes that the drinker wouldn't be plagued with the foolish behaviors that follow drinking. To Medieval Europe, soldiers would wear amulets of this stone in the attempt to keep them level headed in combat and not act brashly or hastily. For the bishops of Medieval Europe, this stone was believed to protect against spiritual intoxication. In other parts of the world, Rosaries and Prayer Beads can be found because of the aura of calm and peace it created for the wearer. Regardless of the place, there is but a common thread in all of these tales: that this stone is commonly used as a mean to keep one's mind grounded and steady.

In the world of today, this crystal is known for it's ability to induce a meditative state and bring the mind to a calm place. It is said to curve impulsive behaviors. It is also said that this stone helps one's intuition and enhance psychic abilities. To some, it is also a great aid for insomnia since insomnia is the mind being too active for the body to rest. To others, it is also a means of creativity, as some call it the artists stone for it's ability to help those think and get creative. Regardless, this stone seems to be a sturdy gem for those who are very mind-oriented.

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