Jesus and Psychedelics

I have just read The Psychedelic Gospels and I must say it was a great book that open mindedly explored and documented a difficult subject for many Christians and none Christians alike.

We make no money from this book in any way shape of form.

The evidence is very strong as it is a confession done in paintings with clues passed down and hidden in plain sight in early first church paintings and frescos for 1000's of years.

Personally, this comes as no surprise to me, in one intense Ayahuasca Journey I made contact with the Spirit of Jesus and it was made known to me that he was an example that you can have this kind of relationship with GOD/SOURCE. It was made known to me he never meant to be exhaulted, to be made that is unattainable=perfection.

It was made known to me that I was more like Jesus than many Christians, but it was also made known to me that what was written was polluted with many hidden agendas. Those lead down the path of this illusion should not be judged, but gently guided with patience, logic and common sense to look back on what they have been taught and indoctrnated with.

Here is the Freedom that comes from all the bullshit, WHEN NOTHING IS TRUE, ALL IS POSSIBLE!!

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