Ayahuasca- Darkness is the terrain of transformation-Modern Shamanism

As a Modern Shaman in the United States of America I have learned to look back on history with a suspicious eye, but I have found that a more detached state is needed to understand that Dark Times lead to great transformation, I found this thought treasure looking back on other cultures in times of change and they were preceeded by dark events and environments.

For some the change has been viewed by history as positive, but for others, not so much, yet there are those that remain unclear and time will tell.

For individuals it is their perception of the event or environment that will determine the transformation of dark into light, with many shades of grey in between.

It is your perception of what you are facing or dealing with that is the largest influence, change your thoughts and you change your inner world, then your outer world will shift.

Make peace with the dark energies and the transformation will develope naturally.

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