Molded by the Beyond: A Shamanic Initiation

Ever since the early days of man, humans have always been one to seek information no matter what form it took. And in the days of early man, a source for knowledge that people sought out commonly took form in a Shaman among tribe or group when brought forth with a problem they themselves cannot find insight into or a way around the issue at hand.

Being the one who knows what to do, the Shaman begins to take action in an effort to help all who find themselves afflicted with the problem at hand.

Acting fearlessly and well composed, the crisis that was is now averted and the day is saved. But how did the Shaman know what to do in order to help the afflicted as best as they could?

Who was it who taught them the knowledge they now possess and the cool head they addressed the manner at hand with?

In the world of old: nobody did. Rather, it was their experiences with the divine in however it presented itself. For some, their lessons came to them through fasting, for others it came to them through an experience involving hallucinogens and nature unveiling it's knowledge unto them, and for some it took a crisis beyond their control to put them on the path to Shamanism or just simply addressing their current issue. For some, for the purpose of this article, found what they needed in a near brush with the one thing most of man fears most: Death itself or at the very least a death-like state.

Now this doesn't mean go off and throw yourself into harms way, rather, these occurred to the person as a calling card for them.

However, do not be dispared, for some of these processes can be recreated in some regions of the world or even in one's surroundings if given the proper guidelines to follow, especially when accessing the death part of it all.

Common preparation for such generally involves a space dedicated to the event, material used to induce a state of mind not grounded in the conscience realm our current minds reside in, and fasting amongst other things.

General reports of this self created path varies, for everyone is attuned to the infinite and metaphysical differently. Some lay there for a 24 hour period, others staying as long as 72 in their spot in order to transcend their human fear of death.

But again, this is but one of many stages in the process whether induces naturally or by one's self that help forge a shaman into the wise beings they have become.

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