Ayahuasca - Does it Matter?

I would like to share this answer from Qurora as it is very inspirational

Are there any general tips for life (i.e., taxes, money, etc.)? I’m just a teen right now, and I feel so underprepared.

Marlon Brandy, studied at University of California, Santa Barbara

Answered Sunday

I’m 76. I say that at the beginning of these things because it gives me some cred in making comments on stuff like this. I graduated from high school, went into the military, and came back to . . . nothing. I had no job, no skills except to maintain aircraft weapons, and no education. I stole food from hotel corridors where people put their trays in the morning. I lived on 5 lb. blocks of government cheese and slept on a lot of couches. I took showers at the local YMCA and rented a towel for 25¢. I could go on, but suffice to say I was very poor with no way out. I retired at 49 a rich man. In between I learned an important lesson: It doesn’t matter. I was in the library one day trying to grab some sleep and stumbled on a poem by Omar Khayam: “The Rubaiyat”. When I finished, I realized that none of what I was going through mattered. I had my time on earth and then it was over. My attitude changed, my goals changed, and the way I lived my life changed. I got confidence I never had before. I lied my way into a job as a relief bartender at a bowling alley and built that into owning four companies. All because it didn’t matter and whatever I did I could do without holding back. When I hit a wall, it didn’t matter. When I got divorced, it didn’t matter. When my sister died of a brain tumor, it didn’t matter. Sure, I felt sad and depressed many times, but it didn’t matter and I knew that. If I was depressed, I could walk out into the street and see hundreds of people who didn’t give a damn about my sorrows. It didn’t matter to them. It didn’t matter to me. Today I have maybe 6 years left to live and it doesn’t matter, so I enjoy myself every day. I don’t know if this makes sense to anyone but me or if it is possible to develop that philosophy unless you are so far down the hole you barely see the sky, but it worked for me.

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