Kambo: What to Expect

Despite being a venomous secretion, those out there who are curious about Kambo and are unsure of the effects or how they may react have no reason to fear. As previously mentioned in a past blog, this venom when administered correctly can cause a boost to one's immune system and send it into overdrive. But how exactly does it do this? What is in it? Questions such as these are common place among those who seek out this exotic form of healing, and like the questions created, the answers that remain in what is known thus far are just as mesmerizing and intriguing.

When looking at the chemical make up of Kambo, it consists of what are known as peptides. Peptides are a chain of amino-acid that come in many forms and chain structures. In Kambo, some of the many structures can be found. These specific peptides target areas in the body such as the brain, your blood vessels, and other key spots that sends the body on high alert among some of the other varying effects for each peptide structure. A specific example of this is Dermaseptins, and these peptides act as a power antibiotics and know to help fight off parasitic microorganisms in the body.

Along with these peptides, other effects that come from these include pain relief, detoxing properties, and tune certain receptors in the brain just to list a few of it's vast healing properties. This is generally achieved through how the medicine itself interacts with the body. Because like all great medicines and healing agents, there are effects that cause minor shifts in the body. However, these are nothing to be spooked by when the Kambo is applied. Rather, just sitting back and relaxing often eases any feeling that may come.

In terms of effects, this last from 30 minutes to 1 hour. You'll experience your body heat up, and you'll feel a tingle, sweat, and also may be prone to nausea. However, this will pass and is nothing to worry about. Like Ayahuasca, this does cause a raise in your heart rate so general precautions are advised. However, unlike Ayahuasca, the venom can be removed/stopped if the feeling is too intense and does not cause you to hallucinate. These are applied only through burning of the skin enough to cause a small welt. General cleaning of the application site and hands is advised, for accidental exposure to the lips or eyes can cause swelling, but nothing that won't go away given time.

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