Ayahuasca Observations from an Apprentice

As a medicine man in training now for about two months going on three, I cannot say how many beautiful things I've witnessed in just this small span of time. As I have worked, I have noticed many men and women come in through our doors. People from all walks of life: Wealthy and working class, military and civilian, old and young. And yet, through it all, Mother Aya helps each individual regardless of where they came from and who they are now. And in return, she often helps push these people into what they can be, showing them that they can do more to achieve things formerly lost to them. That at the very least, they have the power to shift their destiny to be something else should they be unhappy or in a world of hurt, that they themselves can change their world should the picture be something that pains them.

To watch as this medicine works with people who are suffering from afflictions of all kinds, it is truly a blessing to watch the transformation the two days they spend in our domain has on them that years of previous attempts at help couldn't seem to alleviate. Whether it be physical ailments, psychological battles, inner demons, whatever is howling at their door, Mother Aya seems to have no problem in attempting to mend. And for me soon to be taking that first cup, to see all the wonders it does for people gives me hope. Watching people who have been through far worse matters and dealing with things much larger than those I face. It gives me hope that she can help me find the path to mending those minor issues if she brought down giants that people have dealt with such as depression, addiction, PTSD, reducing tumor sized, and so much more.

Watching her work with these people is truly an honor. So when I sit down to have my first cup, many of my prior fears are gone. Because along with the many ailments she can tend to, it also seems most people have a rather powerful or breakthrough of an experience. And that it is also rare that one may defecate themselves or have an experience go heavy. So with this, I feel a lot better about the day that I to will have to drink from the cup.

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