Shungite Water: The Elixir of Well Being

As previously mentioned in my blog over Fullerenes, these master antioxidants can be found within Shungite. However, something even more interesting happens when you introduce this stone to water. When introduced to water, the stone reacts as a purifying agent and cleans up the water no matter the condition. Whether it be bacteria, micro-organisms, metals, or even toxic pesticides, this stone has the ability to clear the water in a 24 to 48 hour waiting period. And even better, the water doesn't need boiling prior to applying the stone to your water which can be demonstrated through the Russian lake that contains this stone.

However, the cleansing of this water isn't the only good thing this stone does. It also holds healing properties that date back to it's first noting under the reign of Peter the Great of Russia. As punishment to one of the men of his court for causing problems within the kingdom, Peter exiled this man out into the unknown lands of this time as a way of letting nature consume and destroy this man. Come to find out, not only was this man not dying in the wilderness, but many of his previous ailments have suddenly vanished or digressed at the very least. That, and as discussed in the last paragraph, those nearby other than this exile were able to drink the water out of the lake with no ill side effects or boiling needed. At the time, it couldn't be explained, except that the stone that lined this lake was the cause.

Fast forward towards modern day studies of this rock: the reason as to why it is able to do such is because of the properties that infuse into the water with the stone. When left in the water, some of the properties to come with it include antibacterial, the cleaning up of metal toxicity, antihistamines, fluoride, and other beneficial properties. When ingested, the fullerenes infused into the water help the nerve process, reduce inflammation, increases cell regeneration and repair as a few of the many wonders it can do internally. Externally, it also has healing properties as well such as skin repair, clears up bacteria in the mouth and throat, and increases skin elasticity among other things. In short: when water is infused with this rock, it really creates something that could heal or at least help people with certain problems.

My opinion: I personally find this stone holds something dear within it, something we as humans have yet to see in the medical world. And with these healing properties, we as a people should have a right to use this stone to curb disease and illness. After all, the great starter of many diseases is inflammation. Not only that, but just imagine what use this stone could hold in countries with little access to clean water and how many would be spared of being killed by things such as dysentery or other water illnesses. Or who knows what an impact it may have in cleaning rivers and places where factories dump polluted water? The possibilities are endless.

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