Tiger's Eye: The All Seeing

Being a popular talisman to soldiers of the old world and the eyes of Egyptian statues, the Tiger's eye stone has been a stone often regarded highly by those who have found themselves in it's presence. Commonly regarded as "All seeing and all knowing", this stone was often regarded as given the wearer the ability to know what is going on around them. And to an extent, part of one of the many properties this stone wields is such insight among many others. In ancient Rome, it was once believed to bring protection to the soldier who wears it in combat. And once again, that is only but a fragment of the many properties this stone holds.

Like the big cat from which it's name comes from, some of the properties this stone holds is the ability to observe and understand things clearly. It has also been known for relieving people of their fears, allows one to process the duality of things better, and bring scattered information together in order to properly make important calls and decisions. It also creates a sense of confidence, thus reducing anxiety and fearfulness from the individual. And like Jasper, this stone also have many other forms with special properties unique to them. Some of these alternate forms include: Cat's eye, Falcon Eye, and Ox Eye.

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