Fullerenes: A Master Antioxidant and More

Discovered in 1985, Fullerenes are a rather infantile topic in the world of scientific discover. However, despite having a true understanding as to what all can be done, what can be said about the current known properties and uses among trials and experiment has been seen as what some would call a miracle and prodigy among creations we have in daily and medical use. Discovered in Rice University, this naturally occurs in nature in things such as Shungite and candle soot. It can appear in some of it's structural forms such as buckyball clusters, nano tubes, and a number of other forms thus allowing this natural occurring form of carbon to attend the task at hand. Funnily enough, this carbon blessing has existed as long as the universe has existed.

In the world of medicine and healing, buckyball clusters have been used in an experiment on lab rats. In the observation of these experiments, scientists have found that rats injected with these mixed into olive oil found rats lived for 42 months. For comparison, an average lab rat lives 22 months on average. However, with this fullerene infused olive oil, that nearly doubled the lifespan of these subjects. This was primarily due to the fact that like antioxidants, it is meant to de-oxidize your muscles and internal organs. And with this being a completely carbon base structure, it is able to absorb and detoxify the body. This means it could also hold possible use in removing poisons and bile from your system along with the other toxins we process on a daily basis, as well as a possible use in nanotechnology.

In the world of industry and technology, the nanotube form of this carbon is best fit for this arena of scientific advancement. Due to it's structure and shape, one of it's unique features is it's tensile strength for it's size. Not to mention, due to carbon being very poor at reacting with chemicals to result in a hazard, storage of the item in containers and around living matter is safe. If used in heating or electricity, this is fit for it is highly conductive. And due to it's safe decomposition, it can degrade in humans if used.

Personally, this carbon creation has a golden future before it in both fields. If used in humans, maybe they could use it to build carbon stents for people's arteries? Or even use it for some natural binder for a torn muscle or ligament to heal the two back together due to it's high tensile strength? If not, then it can still be provided for human/animal ingestion to increase the health of a creature due to it's antioxidant properties. Basically, this is practically blueberries and tea with a major boost in it's longevity factors. Personally, humans should be able to by this over the counter due to it's healing properties at the very least, and that we should also see what else this natural creation can do for the world we live in.

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