Kratom: Nature's Aid

Flourishing in Southeast Asia, particularly in Thailand, Kratom is an evergreen plant that is found it's use in common place among traditional medicine. It is apart of the same plant family as Coffee. And much like it's relative, this plant has stimulant properties as well as a number of other effects that follow as well. Effects take 5 to 10 minutes to occur, and generally last up to 5 hours. Like Ayahuasca, some people may be unusually sensitive to this and what may be ineffective to some could be powerful to others.

In the lands of which this plant grows, the people commonly use this plant as a natural painkiller or treatment to things such as intestinal infection. It can also be used to treat wounds similar to a numbing agent if need be. For some, Kratom has been used to help kick opioid addiction. For others, it is taken more as a stimulant to help them through the grind of day to day life, and even as a mood raiser. However, like anything in this world, there are side effects.

When one uses Kratom, like any other type of plant, effects can occur in a number of ways. In small dosages, it can cause nausea and the inability to eat among other minor factors that aren't really anything concerning. In larger dosages, effects such as dizziness, dry mouth, and hypotension can occur. Overuse of this plant in high dosage like many other medicines, can lead to health problems or death if abused.

In my personal opinion, those who choose to seek out this plant like other seek help should be allowed access to such as long as they are responsible with it and/or are given proper instruction. This plant has many medical properties that when used properly, could potentially spare us in some parts of the world the problem of the opioid epidemic that reigns far and wide in some parts of our world. Or who knows, it may be a healthier alternative to the current items we chemically make now with less harsh effects if any. And this could also solve some of the problems some people have with some pain medications or anesthesia like allergic reactions. Thus, this could provide a lot more freedom for those who feel a need to get out of something afflicting their lives and to return to a rather normal and happy life.

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