Rose Quartz: The Love Stone

Hailing primarily from Brazil, China, and the United States, Rose Quartz has found itself to be the prime candidate in both the realms of self healing and in the world of industry. Whether it be the ability to promote love of all kinds or it's use in electronics and certain glass works, it is safe to say that this rock crystal holds a number of uses within the seen and unseen.

In the world of industry and science, Rose Quartz is one of the many versions of quartz to appear within the rocks of our world. Consisting mainly of silicon-dioxide like every other form of quartz, and holds piezoelectric properties. This property makes it a key tool in electronics, radios, and television since it can pick up frequencies when cut and worked with properly. It can also be used (if clear enough) in the making of eye wear and is commonly used in cellphone screens. It can also be used in weight sensitive scales, crystal controlled items, and other daily objects.

In the arts of self healing and energy work, the Rose Quartz is considered a stone of love and relationships. Common uses for it involves attracting love, healing painful energies from past relationships, and increasing empathy. In energy work and Chakra alignment, this stone is great for the heart chakra and also grand in helping release pent up negative energies. Not only does this stone help with relationships towards loved ones, but is also helps with other forms of affection, such as friendships, family matters, and general peace. This stone is general common, much like it's quartz relatives and is fairly easy to both find or purchase should one wish to seek out it's guidance.

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