Black Tourmaline: Stone of the Shaman

Existing within many cultures around the world, Tourmaline has been renowned for many of it's properties both in it's physical make-up and the effects it holds in the use of healing the spirit. The most common variant of Tourmaline found and accounting for 95% of this semi-precious gemstone is known as Schorl. It's black color comes from the high iron present in it's creation and is chemically complex for it's ability to vary greatly in it's composition. The origin of the name comes from Germany, though this stone has been called a great deal of other names in it's other common locations such as Brazil, Africa, and even Afghanistan. Regardless of the name, the properties it holds cannot be denied: Both in industrial usage and spiritual.

When it comes to the soul, Black Tourmaline is a shield against all negative energies and forces in ritualistic and shamanic works. Acting like a lightening rod, it draws all negative energies around and ground them, returning them to just potential energy ready to be tapped into and worked with. Not only does it shield against negative energy and forces, it is said to also protect against sources that would sap said energy. This stone can also be used to realign chakra in the body and reset them back to their stable point. Aside from energy work and protection from the malevolent forces around us, this stone could also be used for scrying and looking into guidance with an issue by pointing the way.

Other qualities attributed to this stone are comforting of physical pains and joint pains, increased compassion, disperse fear, and enhance understanding of one's self and others to list a few. Outside of it's effect on human, this gem stone has uses within gardens and nature. If left near by, it is said to act as a natural insecticide and prevent said pests from occurring within your garden. If buried, it is said to aid in the growth and well being of the nearby plants ingrained in the soil. In terms of daily appliances we use, it's prized in electrical tuning circuits in television and radio for it's ability to withstand high frequency along with it's faint constant generation of an electric current regardless of size due to it's pyroelectrical property.

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