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Kambo: The inducer of well-being

As a medicine man in training, one of the things I find interest in is natural cures and other medicines that we can harvest from nature in order to help ourselves heal. And as of recently, a new type of ceremony has been offered in the services: Kambo. However, being one only familiar with Ayahuasca, this was sorta something I found myself having to dig deeper into. And i do say, it is quite the impressive medicine. Not only is it great for some of the problems it can help treat and deal with, but even the obtaining of such is rather interesting.

Kambo, much like some of the ingredients used in the brewing of Ayahuasca, can be found within the Amazon rain forest. However, unlike the plants used in Aya, this medicine comes from secretion of a frog known as the Phyllomedusa bicolor or Bicolored tree frog and is obtained by stimulation(Thus not harming the frog).

To the Portuguese, they call it "the vaccine of the forest", and rightfully so. It's known to invigorate one's immune system allowing them to fight infections and disease better. The peptides in it can also help treat a variety of things from chronic pains to toxins that have been stored deep in your system, which may created a purge of the body in a similar fashion to Ayahuasca.(ie: vomiting, sweating, emotional purges, etc.)

The experience lasts a lot shorter than a typical Ayahuasca session, however, it changes the body for the better much like Ayahuasca and is what I would see as a useful medicine.

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