Ayahuasca - Kambo Ceremony

I wanted to take this time to explain what a Ayahuasca and Kambo combination looks like.

Arrival would be a day early for the Ayahuasca Ceremony on Thursday at 4pm. We would begin our workshop with explaining the process of Kambo, waiviers and payment due upon arrival.

We begin by santizing the area chosen for application (think anywhere a swimsuit wont cover) while you hydrate with chosen water.

The "points" are the point of burn where we will apply the Kambo, we start off with one point, and then proceed to add points until the desired reaction occurs, Kambo is very individual specific in how the Medicine works.

The strong effects are over in 40-60 minutes and when you are comfortable you are allowed to go to a hotel of your chosing or you may stay at the church, but you are free to drive and eat.

We give you the rest of the Medicine stick to self administer after you have completed our work shop on application.

Kambo works well with Ayahuasca as a pre clense and post immune response .

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