Ayahuasca Ceremony Observation by Nik

As of this past weekend, I have partaken in my third Ayahuasca ceremony. And I must say, it is always a pleasure to be involved in the experiences that come from these. In this ceremony, many of the experiences that unveiled were ones of heartfelt journeys to say the least. Watching as the people who came in held a sort of unified experience of love and laughter. Some of those tending, Mother Aya seemed to have taken them to a place of surprise and sheer wonder. Envisioning things in which brought them peace of mind in their journey.

That's not to say that Mother Aya didn't take some of our fellow members into places of awakening and realization. Some of which who attended our services found themselves digging through past events they had felt they previously dealt with. But even then, their experiences were just as lax as those who found themselves in a blissful experience. For as lively as they were, there was still a peaceful energy among the group that followed since day one.

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