Ayahuasca Introduction

Two weeks ago, I had the honor of working in my very first Ayahuasca Ceremony as a medicine man in training. And I do say, it was a rather beautiful experience. Prior to this, I was just a man who helped with the clean up after everything was said and done, so my knowledge of such touching and powerful experiences were but limited to word of mouth and some previous research. I understood that this was something to help change lives, but I had no understanding as to how deeply it reached or touched the hearts of others until I witnessed it for myself. Watching people from different walks of life coming in seeking answers, seeking guidance, seeking change, and unaware of what struggles those around them endured only to leave a completely different person compared to when they first arrived. And during it all, a vast array of overwhelming emotions.

Some of those attending giggling or smiling as Mother Aya cradled them in her arms and rocked them gently. For others, some found themselves in tears as Mother Aya helped them mend buried wounds and traumas they felt would never heal. Even the camera people filming at the time had to take a minute to regain their composer after witnessing a rather deep experience with a gentleman who was processing many thing during their shoot. As for the rest of those who were journeying, they laid out and look at peace with themselves, as if seeing a friend or loved-one having a pleasant rest. All in all, this first time assisting in a ceremony was truly a beautiful thing, and touched my heart in a way words could never do justice for.

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