Free Ayahuasca Update 2 - Aya Quest KY USA

Hello fellow seekers, I wanted to post this second update of the "Development Shoot" we just completed, it was a POWERFUL ceremony and Mother Aya did not disappoint, leaving camera men and women in tears and shaken and they did not drink, the energy and presences were penetrating and healing.

All who participated were healed in very unique ways.

Peace and progression were had by all.

I want to take this time to thank and honor the "Chosen 7" who were selected by the production company.

This was not an easy setting to follow guidance with all the distractions of 4 cameras, sound people and our staff, it was extremely challenging to hold space and let go, but they did with FLYING COLORS!!

I want to thank the Universe and Mother Aya for pulling all the elements together to assemble this amazing longterm opportunity to advance the "Medicine" in a modern way.

We certainly have Mothers Aya's blessing for this bold project.

I now want to thank the extremely professional crew who flew here from California with a large amout of gear, working 18 hr days and were genuinely great people from beginning to end.

My head is bowed in humility, my heart is full of contentment, my spirit is light as a feather and our future is so bright we have to wear shades.


PS Aya Quest will be holding Special Events to be announced in the future that will be free to participants if they agree to be filmed and all rights released. Stay tuned!!

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