Aya Quest in the News Again

We were blessed with the honor to be interviewed earlier this week by Pulitzer Prize winning video journalist Ali Rizvi with McClatchy Video Media. He had contacted us late last year and we finally got the opportunity to sit down for an interview that he plans on making a part of an extensive story about the holistic use and benefit of Ayahuasca.

It was a pleasure and an honor to be able to do this. He is a very down to earth, open minded gentleman who is working hard on this piece to present Ayahuasca in the proper light and with good information. He has seen the magic that Mother Aya works and believes that it is something that really deserves recognition and respect. We can't wait until the piece is finished and ready to air!

He still had several more interviews to do and of course, there's the editing and all of the behind the scenes things that go into a video production. We'll keep everyone posted on when and where the video will be available! Until then, here are some pictures.

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