Jesus is Shaman

I feel Jesus was the greatest Shaman known to mankind as a whole.

In the Western world many of these phenomena like auras and chakras are typically thought of as New Age. And certainly there are those who would label themselves New Age who are connecting to those forms of experience. New Agers however don't have a monopoly on such experience--these are simply domains of possible experience available to all.

Human beings (shamans) have founds ways of accessing and working with those domains for many thousands of years across the globe: from aboriginal Australians to The Americas to the Siberian tundra to sub-Saharan Africa...and even the Middle East

Jesus practiced shamanism.

One of the reasons the healing stories in the gospels have caused controversy is they come from an era prior to modern medicine. Contemporary healing work must make a clear distinction between healing and curing. Healing does not equate to curing (though in the gospel stories it must said they tend to be conflated).

People may work with healers on an energetic level--with unprocessed emotions or past wounds--and they may receive healing but they aren't necessarily cured in any sense.

Healings may have curative physical effects but such physical manifestations need not take place in order for genuine healing to have occurred. I say this in response to the medical establishment's studies on say prayer and healing which define healing solely as curing.

Exorcisms are simply a subset of healing in shamanism--it's simply a certain kind of healing. An exorcism is a healing of intrusive entities. It's a cleansing of such entities (or quasi-entities) from one's field. In Biblical language they are "cast out" of a person's field. A lot of work, among some, goes into identifying and categorizing such intrusions--creating gradations of demons, unclean spirits, and the like. There's a cottage industry in asking where entities come from and how they glommed on to a person: are they from past lives, dead relatives, evil specters, etc.

I think much of this is misplaced energy and attention. We don't need to know the origin and ultimate meaning of such things to know how to respond to the actual issue at hand. As the Buddha would say, in a different context, it's as if someone shot with poisonous arrows was asking the doctor to explain the meaning of poison rather than simply extracting the arrows and the poison.

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