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It is always sad when relationships fail to work out, especially when you have a lot of time, effort, energy and emotion tied up in them. Unfortunately, that is where we find ourselves today with a former member.

We are invested in everyone we work with, and we try really hard to help those most in need whenever possible. This particular person was struggling financially and was really in need of the help that Mother Aya gives and of course, we were able and willing to help. We worked out an arrangement for this person to do some work for us in lieu of the donation to attend ceremonies.

We never asked a dime from this person, and continued on the path for about a year. They donated their time to do some advertising for us and we worked with them pro bono. There were a couple of bumps in the road, and despite an effort to fix them, this person wanted to go their separate way. That was fine, and we had no ill will or anything for them. Suddenly, out of the blue, this person contacts us wanting sacrament. We CANNOT work with non members, and this person knows that. THEY chose to leave our church for what they thought were greener pastures. We cannot give Ayahuasca to everyone who asks. When told we could not help, they then became ENRAGED!!! They started harassing us, threatening us, went onto our Facebook page and started trying to trash us. They threatened to call the police, anyone and everyone just because we couldn't help them.

The reason we are writing this post is to 1) Ask that everyone send some positive, healing and calming energy this persons way; 2) to apologize in advance if you affected by this person and 3) to ask that when you do hear negative things about others (not just us) that you take it with a grain of salt. The things said may not be true and they may have come from a place of anger rather than a place of clarity.

We love being able to bring this magnificent sacrament to people; to be able to help and to heal; and we love working with everyone! Unfortunately, sometimes, when relationships go south, THEY GO SOUTH!!!

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