Ayahuasca the Experience and the Awakening

People are called to Ayahuasca for many different reasons and the experiences and awakenings they receive are very personal ones. It doesn't matter how many blogs or forums you read or how many interviews you watch, you will find that the experience and awakening you receive will be very unique to YOU.

While there really are only so many different stories in this world, our perspectives and reactions to them are what make them all unique. This is why the effect that Ayahuasca has on us is so very different, so very individual specific. And while we may think that our "biggest" issue is the one that needs to be addressed, we often find in ceremony that our "biggest" issue is the result of many smaller ones. We are shown through our experience all of the things that we have been holding onto and often times, how they have gone from several smaller, "more manageable" or "unimportant" things into a larger, more serious and destructive things.

Many times we have seen and heard "Man, I didn't even think that was bothering me!" or "I really thought I had made peace with this" only to find the opposite is true. That's not a bad thing! In fact, it is, to a degree, a testament to how powerful our minds are and how easily we can deceive ourselves. The beautiful thing about Mother Aya is, is she WILL NOT let you lie to yourself! She WILL show you what you need to see; she WILL make you face your fears and she WILL make you experience what is necessary for growth and healing! She will also, on the other hand, give you ONLY what you can handle!

Now, you may ask, "if she's only gonna give me what I can handle, why do people have heavy experiences and sometimes "freak out"? The reason for that is SIMPLE! They have failed to follow (what we consider to be) the basic tenants of a journey. They have resisted and/or tried to control the experience. When people follow our instructions and adhere to those tenants, they navigate their experiences with ease and the awakenings they receive are priceless! Why seek Mother Aya out if you're not going to let her do what she needs to do?

The Experience may not always be comfortable, but it will ALWAYS be worth it and the Awakening is INDESCRIBABLE!!!!

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