Aya Quest and Another Ayahuasca "Family"

One of the most beautiful things about Ayahausca ceremonies are the "families" that they create.

In a world that, especially today, seems so divided and distraught, it is such a blessing to work with and see just how many people are truly seeking growth, unity, inner peace, strength and enlightenment. There are no divisions in our families-no racial, religious, social, economic, or age divisions, etc.. We are all in search of the same things and are all about supporting one another while on these journey's. And every group we have is another little family that is going back out into the world-with new hope, new ideas and a new set of eyes.

They go out with the knowledge that they, that WE, WE are all are co creators, that WE are responsible for our realities. They leave with a sense of understanding that can't be achieved any other way. They leave with a new sense of what's important and what's not; what serves them and what doesn't. Most importantly, they leave KNOWING we are all connected. We ARE family!

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