Ayahuasca Manifestation

When connected to Source Energy through Ayahuasca, you have the opportunity to be in "flow" with the most powerful yet subtle creative energy in the Universe. When you are in flow, you are in abundance.

Anyone can set an intention to earn a million dollars, but to make a habit of manifesting abundance in your daily life is easier said than done. Here are 10 secrets to help you practice:

1. Begin from a place of love rather than a place of lack.

If you're inviting abundance in order to feel more worthy of love, attention, or approval, the energy behind the intention is lack and will only attract more of the same. If your intention is set from a place of wholeness and love, the spirit of your intention is inherently whole and worthy, regardless of material abundance.

2. Practice non-attachment.

Imagine having a crush on someone and calling them 10 times a day to see if they’re finally ready to go out on a date. Instead of convincing them, you'll most likely turn them off. Know that you have what you need, no matter what you receive. Understand that attachment repels abundance while detachment effortlessly attracts.

3. Know how to allow.

People who consciously create their lives understand that there are no extra pieces. Accept that everything that is happening is for your continued growth and evolution. Greet life with a smile instead of expending excess energy fighting what is. Use your energy to attract rather than resist.

4. Put yourself in high-vibration circumstances.

People who effortlessly manifest abundance make conscious decisions to surround themselves with others who see the world as abundant rather than people who see the world through the lens of lacking.

5. Know the difference between inspired and fear-based action.

We tend to run away from things that scare us. Inspiration attracts, so if you want to effortlessly attract abundance, allow your actions to be driven by inspiration rather than fear. Understand that fear-based action repels while inspired action attracts abundance.

6. Interrupt old money patterns.

Did you learn any stories about money growing up? Money doesn’t grow on trees. The love of money is the root of all evil. Money changes people. You have to work hard to make money.

People who effortlessly attract abundance have learned these stories too, but they investigate the old information that leads to lack and choose to shift their story to allow abundance to flow easily and frequently. Interrupt the patterns that keep others stuck.

7. Don't be (too) afraid to spend money.

Imagine wanting to grow a garden of flowers but being too afraid to let go of the seeds. If you want flowers to grow, you have to loosen your grip on the seeds and spread them judiciously, but richly, on the earth.

Just like seeds, money can’t grow in the palm of your hand. People who effortlessly attract abundance invest in their endeavors.

8. Know that money isn't the end. It's the means.

Imagine you won a million dollars in the lottery. You would celebrate, right? If the next day, the value of the dollar plummeted and your million dollars was worth a thousand, would you still be celebrating?

Most likely not. Why? It’s not the million dollars you want; it’s the experience that you believe a million dollars facilitates. People who effortlessly attract abundance understand that money is not their heart’s true desire.

9. Appreciate debt as much as abundance.

Imagine someone loans you their lawnmower. Would you complain to all of your family and friends about how terrible it is that you borrowed a lawnmower and have to give it back?

Be as grateful for your debt as for your abundance. Understand that debt is another route through which abundance can flow. Appreciating debt allows you to use that form of abundance to create other forms of abundance.

10. Know that while money ebbs and flows, abundance is always present.

When you lose money, it doesn’t mean you've lost your capacity to be abundant. Understand that money comes and goes, just like the sun rises and sets. In the same way life goes on whether the sun is high in the sky or setting behind the mountains, abundance is always present.

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