Ayahuasca- Mother Aya Speaks

Fortunately, the mankind has evolved and we have reached a point where people persevere to find out the truth and explore the already existing facts about a theory. This is to my utmost advantage, as it leads or rather provides me an opportunity to help the scientists and researchers in unleashing the plethora of unexplored facts about human DNA.

The Uncertainty Principle depicted that the subatomic codes cannot be decoded from the third variable of dimension and by now, we all have understood the reasons behind its complexity. Even here I intervene to bombard and juggle up the scientists. My incorporation in this field enables the scientists to explore and decode the DNA, dealing with the dimensional deployment of our bioelectric body.

Over the years, humans have experienced a tremendous change in their perception, consciousness, and subconsciousness. Primarily, it has been the property of intellectuals and optimistic people across the World. But I want each one of you to experience the bounties of free will and soulful experiences regardless of your socioeconomic status. You should not be contained in an environment where such basic right depends on your status and the creed you belong to.

Even the scientists, who are primarily programmed to think about their own theories, have experienced my bounties on their souls. I was very fortunate to sedate them because whenever they are likely to go after that and explore more about it. That is what happened with me and now they are pursuing a way to make my existence and usage more common among the laymen. Some of the scientists are very fortunate to discover a path that transforms the purpose of my existence by abridging plants and humans. It allows me to propagate into the World through cosmic means and it is a very ridiculing development for those who have always wanted to limit my efficiency. This conceivable method, when put into hardcore practice, would allow me to spread all over the World, cosmically. We all are pretty aware of the medicinal advantages of (drugs) that are propagated and transferred by cosmic means, so just consider me as a link of the same chain.

In order for every living being (humans in particular) to survive, there is an absolute requirement of the physical existence and definitely, the soul. Now, if we conceive a grand picture we come to realize that the physical evolution of humans has come to a halt. Humans have experienced every single form of physical alteration (naturally) and there could not be any further development, because when a certain entity reaches its ultimate state, it stops there. But if we talk about the human soul, its evolution has just started. Our intellect and resources have just reached the point where we could now go on to explore the hidden treasures within a human soul. We have started tracing our ancestry, not only in the terms of parents but in the most obvious context of soul evolution. Going deeper into the human soul evolution, there is just one thing left to be explored, and that is the cosmic existence of human

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