Ayahuasca Heals Trauma Known and Unknown

Hello, Aya Quest is pleased to reach out once again and share what we have witnessed in Ceremony in regards to healing past Traumas with Mother Aya.

The true healing begins once we learn to "let go", these two small words mean so much in our journey and in life. Many times we have seen seekers who learned to truly "let go" heal from sexual abuse, PTSD, Depression and many other conditions in a single weekend that years of therapy could not touch.

Another pair of words that are very important to your Journey and life is "just is", these two words allow you to view your journey and life with no judgement.

"Just is" means whatever is going on in your journey or life is niether good or bad, it "just is"

which reminds and allows us to change our perspective to one of detachment from the event.

We wish all a content and safe holidays!


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