Ayahuasca Leads, Aya Quest Follows

Aya Quest was started under the guidance of Mother Aya, and to this day, she still leads and we still follow. She knows that there is needless pain and distress in the world. She knows that there is a shift in consciousness occurring. How could she not? We are ALL one! Mother Aya made it very clear to us, this is NOT something that should be available only to those who deem themselves worthy, or simply to the elite. It is something that should be available to those who receive the calling; to those who are suffering and need guidance; to those who awakened and are ready to move forward. It should be available to EVERYONE who is open and willing!

When I say to you that Mother Aya leads us, I mean it wholeheartedly! She guided Steve through the process of learning to brew; she guided us through the process of starting up our church; she presented us with the perfect location to be able to have affordable ceremonies; and she guided us on when the time was right to make certain moves. Even today, she guides us through ceremony. But the best part is, she guides us in our private lives as well! There is no facet of life that Mother Aya doesn't touch!

Take those who suffer from depression and/PTSD. We have seen her completely remove those from people and help them move past the events that cause them allowing them to live content, happy, fulfilled lives. We have seen her completely remove the desire to do drugs (from those who REALLY wanted to quit) from people and help them deal with the issues that got them to that point in their lives. We have seen her take those who were lost and unsure of where their place is in the world and let them see their TRUE selves, giving them a renewed sense of drive and direction. We have seen people with diabetes, stomach/intestinal issues, and other physical ailments DRASTICALLY improve, even after just one ceremony. We have seen the power and beauty of Mother Aya, we have seen it and we have felt it and we are blessed to be able to share it!

Mother Aya has instructed us what our role is in this experience, and we feel blessed beyond measure to really be able to be bringers of love, light and healing.

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