Ayahuasca's Healing Beauty

Another beautiful Ceremony weekend has come to pass and again, we are left in awe. We were in for a wonderful surprise when a young man we had worked with in a private ceremony last Spring came back looking better than ever! He looked so much better in fact, we didn't even recognize him at first! That is how much Mother Aya has done for him! His parents had contacted us last spring because they knew they were about to lose their son to his addiction. They had tried everything else they had known, and nothing lasted long term. His bouts of sobriety were very short lived and his downward spiral was growing. He needed help and he needed it now! After speaking with him, and hearing that he really did want to quit using, he just kept falling back into that vicious cycle, we agreed to work with him. He and his father came down and had a very touching and healing father/son ceremony. When they left, they were both VASTLY different than when they arrived. They had had a very healing, beautiful and educational experience.

When he arrived this past Friday, it was like seeing a whole new person!!! As I said, we didn't even recognize him at first! He had put on some HEALTHY weight, gotten some good color to his complexion and looked and sounded AMAZING!!! As everyone in the group introduced themselves and talked of what had brought them to Aya Quest, he shared his story of how his life had completely turned around and how much better it has been since he was last with us.

While we know the power and beauty of Ayahuasca, it still nothing short of awe inspiring when you see someone who was at such a low point, so close to edge, who has such a healing, life changing turnabout! The power, the lessons, the LOVE that is in those cups of what looks like muddy water, is beyond amazing. Those little cups seem to hold all of the answers of the universe! All the answers, the healing, the teachings, everything! It is truly miraculous and we are truly blessed to be able to do this.

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