Ayahuasca in the Mainstream

There are those who believe that Ayahuasca should not be in the "Mainstream", that it should be kept underground and inaccessible. They believe that only a few, the "chosen" or the "enlightened" should be able to access it. We here at Aya Quest however, could not disagree more! We are all in need of guidance and healing and we are all worthy and deserving of it. After all, we all contain the "God Spark".

The world is full of hurt and lost people. It is full of people who know there is something more but don't know how to access it. It is full of people who want to change not just themselves, but their surrounding for the better. For those who are ready and willing, that is where Ayahuasca comes in.

We here at Aya Quest will tell you that Ayahuasca IS NOT for everyone. When we say that though, it isn't based on how much money you make, or how long you've been studying Ayahuasca, or how smart you think you are. When we say it's not for everyone, we mean there are certain medical conditions that would prevent one from being able to participate. Certain medications cannot be mixed with Ayahuasca due to the content of MAOI's, however, that is usually an obstacle that can be worked around. Some people aren't ready mentally for the Ayahuasca experience. That is what we mean when we say it's not for everyone. We are believers of SAFETY FIRST!!!!

When we first began, we weren't sure of how well this would be received. We just did what Mother Aya had directed us to do. She knows the hurt, the sadness, the depression and addictions that are plaguing us and she knows when we are ready to heal. That is why people feel a calling, if you will, to do it. She lets them know that their time to heal and move forward is here. And she has blessed us, along with others, the ability to be the servants, the guides, the ones who help her help people. There is nothing more beautiful!!! She doesn't want to be kept hidden like a dirty little secret. She also doesn't want to be something accessible only to the rich and elite. She is here for us all and wants to be accessible to us all. That is why the donations for our ceremonies are so much less expensive than other places. We are doing what she has directed, we are making her accessible to those who live paycheck to paycheck and work with people pro bono as well. The healing and guidance that she gives is priceless and something EVERYONE who can should be able to experience! We have seen her reverse problems created by disease, remove addiction from addicts, heal great traumas from those who needed it, give direction to those lost, and a multitude of other things. These things are not things that should be available only to the elite. They are not things that should be hidden away. They are things that we are all deserving of. They are things that are done without the ill side effects of Big Pharma drugs. They are things that do deserve to be mainstream and accessible, not classified as a "drug" or demonized by those who don't understand. They are things we need to help heal and move forward.

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