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We get a lot of questions about our Ayahuasca (both in our Ayahuasca ceremonies and through emails, Facebook, and phone calls) such as is it "real" ayahuasca, what's in it, where do you get it fom, etc.. So, we would like to take a minute to address these questions so people know FROM US about OUR Ayahuasca.

First of all, we brew our Ayahuasca here. We don't have it shipped in from anywhere, Steve brews it himself and he wouldn't have it ANY other way. With him brewing it, he KNOWS it's free from additives such as Tobacco Juice and Toe; he KNOWS it is safe for people to consume; and he can control the strength of each brew. He brews an authentic brew, from the heart, to help with spiritual growth and healing of all kinds.

Why would people put Tobacco Juice into Ayahuasca? Tobacco juice induces vomiting. People are under the assumption that you can't drink Ayahuasca and NOT vomit. Actually, you can! Vomiting is a purge and there are many different types of purging. To us, purging should not be induced, it should come naturally during your experience in whatever way it is meant to come.

Why would people put Toe in Ayahusaca? Toe is used to ensure a "psychedelic show". With the popularity of Ayahuasca growing, the B. Caapi vine is often over harvested and immature (inactive) vines are used. Without a mature B. Caapi vine, the brew will not work, hence, the need for adding Toe. The problem with this is, in large doses it can be lethal. The acceptable amount varies from person to person making it unnecessarily risky to use. Not to mention the fact that it IS NOT part of a true Ayahuasca mix, nor is the tobacco juice.

How do we brew it here when the plants are indigenous to the Amazon? Is it REAL ayahuasca? Yes, it is REAL Ayahuasca! Steve has some really good contacts who harvest the materials ETHICALLY and ship them to him. They know exactly what he is looking for what he expects and they provide it.

Do we or will we teach people to brew? No and no. Brewing, drinking and administering Ayahuasca to people should NEVER be taken lightly! All aspects of it require respect (first and foremost!) and knowledge that extends beyond watching a couple of you tube videos.

I hope you have found this information useful and I have answered the questions most asked of us about our Ayahuasca.

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