Ayahuasca seekers visit Aya Quest

We had another amazing AYAHUASCA CEREMONY weekend this weekend at AYA QUEST, with members coming from all over. We had them from California, Texas, Florida, South Carolina, Minnesota, some local people and one all the way from Hawaii! Talk about making us feel good!!! It was truly a wonderful group of very diverse people and we of course, thank them all for trusting us with their journeys!

It's always an honor and a pleasure to meet and work with such open minded people. The people in this group, as with all others, had their own very individual reasons for coming. For some it was healing of past trauma, for some it was for spiritual growth, for some, it was to simply connect to with the divine and give gratitude for the blessings they had already received, and for others, it was to find direction to further the path they are already on. I thinks it's safe to say, Mother Aya did NOT disappoint!

As usual, some had "heavier" experiences than others, and they found that the gifts given were just as plentiful AND beautiful as those who had "lighter" experiences. And, some found that they had things they thought they had dealt with or overcome that they really hadn't. That, as we tell them though, is a good thing! After all, how can we correct or fix that which we don't know is in need of repair?? We may be able to BS ourselves, but we CAN'T BS Mother Aya!!!

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