Ayahuasca Loves Haters

People seeking Ayahuasca ceremonies anywhere are seeking to better themselves; to be more compassionate; to be more connected to source energy; to be more open; to just be better people in general. That's why it always makes us laugh when people come to an Aya Quest ceremony and tell us that they spoke to someone from a different facility and they were told not to come to us, that we are "just in it for the money", or that we have "the wrong intentions".

First of all, what people donate for a ceremony with us is DRASTICALLY less than they would donate anywhere else for the same ceremony. We charge only what it costs to get the materials to make the tea, to cover the expense of the Church (rent, air, heating, water, snacks, water, extra pillows, blankets, air mattresses and cots, and dinner on Saturday for members), and the little bit of advertising that we do. Think about it, $395 versus what for a ceremony??? And how much for a membership? We don't have to tithe to anyone, so we don't have to make up "our profit" by charging our members more for membership and to attend ceremonies. We are a two person show answering emails, phone calls, scheduling ceremonies, etc.. We do not make a huge profit on this, we make just enough to do this for a living!

Secondly, the "wrong intentions" that we have are to help people. We help people suffering from addiction, depression, PTSD, physical and emotional pains and ailments and those who have drifted away from their connection with Source for whatever reason. Those are the wrong intentions?? So essentially, they are saying Mother Aya is wrong?? Mother Aya has directed us on what to do and THAT is what we're doing. They're paths and ours are separate.

It's okay though, we're not mad and we hold no ill will. We don't spend time that should be focused on our members bashing the other places who hold ceremony. If we are asked a question, we answer it as best we can without trying to cast a negative light on those places because that's not what we are here for. We don't hate our haters, we love them. We love hearing these stories from people. It makes us laugh. We love that people who have attended others ceremonies come to ours and feel the HUGE difference of energy; that they see that their voices are heard, REALLY heard, not talked over by people who think they are Source; that people know we will talk HONESTLY with them, not tell them what they want to hear because it's easier. Most importantly though, we love Mother Aya and our Members! We love that despite this effort by others to shut us down, people can see through it and decide on their own who feels right to them to lead them on their path.

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