Ayahuasca Overview

Ayahuasca; What is it and the ceremonies.

Officially Ayahuasca is registered as a hard drug such as cocaine or heroin, but it’s much more than that. Ayahuasca is said to open doors to the divine, it will make you experience things that you can’t experience in any other way. I know that this still sounds pretty vague so here we will unravel the mystery and discover what this drink is, what it does to you and how it’s used.

What is Ayahuasca?

Ayahuasca is an ancient medical drink that finds its origin in the Amazon rainforest in Peru. It is a thick brown tea derived from two plants that only grow in the rainforest, they are called Caapi and Psychotria viridis. The drink is most known for having a hallucinating effect on its drinker. The Indians who lived in the Amazon have been drinking Ayahuasca for centuries long, they see it as the most powerful medicine in the rainforest.

The chemical DMT that is present in Psychotria viridis have psychedelic effects and Caapi prevents the DMT from being broken down before it reaches the brain. What will Ayahuasca do to your body? After you’ve just drank the Ayahuasca the effects can feel very unpleasant. You will probably become nauseas, dizzy and you start to sweat and throw up pretty heavily. You can suffer from diarrhoea as well. This phase is often referred to as the Purga, it is believed to cleanse the body and the mind.

After this you will start to hallucinate for two to six hours. These visual hallucinations include bright colours, vivid motion, religious and mysterious encounters, or strange creatures. You could believe that you are becoming an animal. This is why many people take part in the rituals; They want to experience the mysterious and the divine.

Rituals with Ayahuasca The drink is rarely drunk alone; it is almost always part of a ritual. Since there were different tribes and churches who practiced these sort of rituals there is a lot of variation them, but there are a few overlapping factors. Often these groups who consist from fifteen up to fifty people sit in a circle. The medicine man will offer everyone the drink and will sing. This is not always the case as sometimes it will be completely silent for hours, with only the occasional noise of vomiting. Depending on your location you are free to participate in such rituals or it is completely forbidden resulting in underground rituals Precautions Were you planning to take part in any of the Ayahuasca rituals then there are a few things to take into account.

First is that the only reason one should take part in such a ritual is to experience the divine and the infinite. If you only want to hallucinate then it may be smart to choose a drug that is less heavy. This also means that it is not for recreational and frequent use. Although this is rare since the experience is way too heavy for this. And the last thing that I don’t assume you even considered is to never drink Ayahuasca alone. Everyone reacts differently to this drink and if things go wrong you want there to be an experienced medicine man that knows what to do. Now it is almost impossible to drink Ayahuasca alone anyway since it is always done in a ritual setting.

No matter if you want to try it or not, I hope we can agree that it is an interesting subject. This drink may let you experience the divine and can be great to try at least once in your life. But remember to be careful and do everything with good guidance.

Maybe you will find the meaning of your life.

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