Ayahuasca Ceremony In Harvest Moon

What an amazing ceremony we had this past weekend! Not only was it a Full Moon, but it was the Harvest Moon entering into Pisces. According to Astrologers, this meant Friday was more than perfect to be an emotional hightide; a time of creativity, kindness and intense sensitivity and those in attendance were not denied any of that! The best part though, was that the energy that surrounded this Harvest Moon brought with it the PERFECT energy for those in attendance to achieve a higher level of intense growth and healing; more so than usual and none in attendance were disappointed!

Mother Aya took full advantage of everything being so perfectly aligned and bestowed some very beautiful, and yes, in some instances, very intense growth and healing gifts upon everyone. The energy was indescribable and felt so amazingly intense! A couple of our more experienced members described their experiences this past weekend as the most intense, most magnificent, experience they have had to date. The kind of experience that has their vibrations running on overdrive! What a blessing to be a part of that!!

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