Ayahuasca healing our inner child

Since the inner child experiences pain, hurt or rejection in reaction to something the parents or caretakers have done to them, healing the inner child properly will require us to dissect the relationship with our parents to the point that we can find it in ourselves to empathize and forgive them for what they did, or for what we perceive they did to us as a child.

“The past cannot be changed, forgotten, edited or erased it can only be accepted.” ~ Unknown

Intellectually we know that the past cannot be changed, but many people are still holding on to memories from their childhood in which they experienced some negative emotion.

Some may replay these scenarios over and over and re-experience the pain every single time or they may try to stuff it down deeper into the subconscious hoping it will just go away.

Although the time in which these emotions were experienced is long gone, the hurt and the pain we may have experienced from them may still exist. The only thing that will make the pain we experienced from these situations disappear is to bring them into our conscious awareness.

Once we have brought the memories back up, we can then accept them. We accept the fact that they happened, but we also accept everyone for the role they played in the experience.

Ayahuasca accelerates this process of healing the inner child and moving forward.

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