1st Ayahuasca Ceremony after Peaceful Mountain Way Death in Berea, Ky, USA

Aya Quest had a great Ayahuasca Ceremony this weekend with some brave Seekers!

This Ayahuasca Ceremony was very different from the start.

We started with a Minute of Silence to Honor Lindsay Poole who died the weekend before while attending a Ceremony at Peaceful Mountain Way in Berea Ky, that is under investigation.

Aya Quest is not affiliated in any way with with Peaceful Mountain Way. We do not know where they obtain their Ayahuasca or Ingredients if they brew their own.

We do know they have been working on their own less than a year. Aya Quest gave them their first ceremony and we wish them better times.

A couple of people asked why we reported this event, they wanted this ignored or covered up, to go away but we know that our members at this Ceremony appreciated us being open and sharing what we knew about this.

The rest of our Ceremony was intense and glorious at the same time, with much healing and expansion.

The raw courage it took for this group to drink following our silent minute was beyond words, not an easy day to kneel before the altar of self discovery.

We are humbled by their faith in us.

Thank You

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