Ayahuasca Death, Prayers to Peaceful Mountain Way

There has been a terrible tragedy in the seeker community and we asking everyone to keep all involved in their hearts and prayers. Over this past weekend at ONAC's Peaceful Mountain Way in Berea, Kentucky, Cheif Minister Demian Grover, his wife Tina Grover and their members suffered the loss of one of their own.

According to this news report ( http://www.lex18.com//story/32863469/death-investigation-underway-after-woman-dies-at-madison-co-church#.V8hqftVwAoI.link), the woman tripped and fell, knocking her unconscious. CPR was started and 911 was called, but to no avail. The woman, 33 year old Lindsay Poole. was from Anderson, South Carolina.

While we are not affiliated with ONAC or ONAC of the Peaceful Mountain Way, we would like them to know that our thoughts and prayers are with them during this tragic time and we ask that you keep them in yours as well. This loss is not just a loss that affects ONAC's PMW, but it is a loss for entire vine family. A seeker is brother or sister to us all and the loss of one is a loss for us all.

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