Ayahuasca Purge- Aya Quest

Ayahuasca purging brings apprehension to most, so please allow me to share my experience and observation.

Out of hundreds of people I have led in Ayahuasca Ceremonies I have never seen a person soil themselves. About half may vomit the first night, and few do the second night as the Medicine

aligns with you and you align with the Medicine.

We brew our own Ayahuasca in a way that reduces the vomiting and improves the taste. Our Ayahuasca has been described as woody and earthy.

Those are the purges that get the most press, but there are many types of purges besides the above, like laughing, crying, shaking and just pure release. Most purges are a physical expression of emotional release that should be welcomed in all of its forms.

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